Monday, April 22, 2013


Today was a good day. With the exception of a doctors appointment and a quick stop at the grocery store, Me and Ben spent the day in my studio. 
(Actually, Ben spent the day chasing balls and playing with rocks)

I'm in the process of focusing on two paintings.
I immediately chose the painting that has been waiting the longest for some attention. You can see it patiently waiting for me to paint it, see it hanging there all crooked?...
Anyway, I like the way the painting started... 
but nothing had been calling me to put it on the easel. 
So, today was the day.

I started off by texturing and painting some watercolor paper. I then sat and cut the paper into small leaves, and then applied the leaves onto the canvas with gel medium. The medium will take a good 12 hours to dry. So, I started working on the ground beneath the tree.

I decided to make random marks using complimentary colors. Then it was time to add some grass.


Lastly, I decided the background was looking a bit boring, so I spilled, dripped, and splattered some paint. 

Why was this the last paint to hit this canvas? It was because my Stone was calling to me! Such a beautiful day to carve some stone!

After my wrist started getting tired from chiseling away, I decided it was time to go and write my blog! What a great day! 
I love it when I'm in the ZONE!

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