Thursday, July 26, 2012



I had such a great time in my week of Artist in Residency, I hardly know where to begin!

…. When Jonathan Florez,, the manager at the Jerry’s in Providence Rhode Island, first approached me with the idea of having an Artist in Residency program I really didn’t know what to think...

All I knew was that Jonathan has been doing so much for our artist community here in our little state of RI, that I thought I probably should help him out with his idea…

 So, I made a few suggestions, and informed Jonathan I would be happy to be an Artist In Residence.

Turns out, I was the first ever ARTIST IN RESIDENCE in all of the SIXTEEN Jerry’s Artarama Retail Stores throughout our nation!                                       WOW! What an honor!!

There were so many exciting and FUN things I experienced in that one week, I thought it would be easiest to list them!

* I met a lot of really awesome people!

* I was able to experiment and learn about some new art materials!

       * I was given a wonderful space to create in, as well as exhibit my work!

* I went to work everyday and got to see my friends! ( Jerry’s staff in Providence are AWESOME people to hang with!)

* I was approached by two different people with new opportunities to exhibit my work! 

* I met some wonderful women who are working on the  DAY OF PEACE  here in Rhode Island ( which is really a month long!)  I am honored to be included in an exhibit for Peace AND...                                                                  I will also be working with them on the Peace Flag Project! 


* I had the opportunity to show many artists how I create my work, what makes my passion stay exciting and FUN...

...AND I got to hear their stories as well!

* I participated in Opening Night/ Gallery Night…

*AND…. I finished one, almost two paintings!

I’m sure there are things I forgot, but you get the idea!

To wrap things up...if you receive an opportunity to either participate as an Artist In Residence, OR get an opportunity to visit and Artist In Residence at any of your local Jerry’s Artarama’s… I suggest you go! It’s mad FUN and you just might learn something or make a new friend along the way!

Happy Creating!!

Kim Ellery