Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eternally Loved

Eternally Loved
A Journey in Painting Dedicated to
My Grandma
Sadie “Tex” Fein

   I don’t know where to begin in this blog. It is such an emotional journey…

   My Grandma was one of my best friends and greatest influences in my life.  At 99 years of age, she was still telling dirty jokes and her brain was as active and clearer than mine on my best days!

   We spent the last twenty-five years or so having lunch and shopping at the Dollar Store or Job Lot on a weekly bases.  We had more laughs and fun….

   My Grandma was so proud of me being an artist. She would carry around a magazine where one of my paintings had made it’s way to the cover and show everyone! She would ask all about my exhibits, how many paintings sold, what I was painting now…

"Looking Back"

   Anyway... Grandma did everything on her own terms. It was time to let her old body rest, so my very large family gathered around for the last three days of her life.  I didn’t leave Epoch ( the assisted living facility) during that time. Actually, many of my family members slept with me on the hard floors of Epoch just so we could be near Grandma in case she called for us or needed anything.


   Two days prior to my Grandma’s passing, I received an email from Gallery Z inviting me to exhibit in their small picture show. Now… Grandma knew that Gallery Z was my next  “goal” I set my sights on.  So when I received the email, I ran upstairs to her to read her the email. I could see the email gave her joy! What a gift! My Grandma would know I had obtained my next goal!


   It wasn’t until after she had passed that I thought through what I would paint for the small picture show at Gallery Z. I decided to paint a new series in her honor. I would call it “Eternally Loved”.  Each painting would show the many different ways we loved each other. I would tie them all together physically with an old doily that was hers. I would use the doily as a stencil to bring texture into each painting.

"Beautiful Branch"

   Each of the paintings displayed in this blog were painted on small canvases 12x12 or smaller for the Gallery Z exhibit. I plan on continuing this series on larger canvas’ until I can no longer think of ways Grandma and I shared our love for each other. I guess it is my way of both holding on to my Grandma, and trying to have Grandma’s love live on forever at the same time.

   When I paint these paintings; it brings me great joy thinking about the person who might view them, and see their own love story in the painting. My hopes is to spread Joy and Love through this series!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and viewing some of the paintings! Please continue checking my website for new paintings I will be adding to this series!

Hugs and Happiness,

Kim Ellery