Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking A Step Back

   Have you ever taken a step back and really looked at your work?
 I recently had the opportunity to do just that. 


    I was hired to coordinate the first ever Fine Arts Showcase for the RIBA Home Show. This show is HUGE! About  25,000 people streamed through the doors of the Providence Convention Center in just 4 days! I was given 76 booths to fill with artists.  The whole project took 6 months to coordinate. It was a BLAST! ... but time consumming to say the least!

( Me and My Booth at the RIBA Home Show!)

   During this time frame, my painting took a back seat…. Don’t get me wrong, I was still painting, just not on a daily basis! This is how I was able to slow down long enough to take a step back and really get to SEE my work. What a blessing! I am seeing things I like, things I don’t like, and things I want to play with and improve on.

    So I thought I would share my plan of attack and my thoughts  in my blog!  I am hoping that the people who read my blog will send comments, ideas, critiques… whatever! Just join me in the fun of helping me and my artwork grow!

   So, here's the plan!  

   Number one thing I want to work on in my paintings are the backgrounds. I find that I love creating main subjects and having certain elements play off of them, but I am lacking density in the background elements. You know, tones and values, where my light source plays in, … this sort of thing. I am not saying I plan to change the child like way I paint, I am merely saying I want to play with the full use of the canvas and the story it can be telling.

(I like the use of the canvas and its background in this painting)

( I feel like this background could have been pushed more)

   Secondly, I want to create some new ways of painting my birds. I absolutely LOVE birds and trees, and I want to take some time to explore new ways of creating and painting them. For this, I plan to take out my  Ornithology Book.

   Lastly, I plan to play with painting with a few different mother colors. Again, this is for fun and to see where play will take me!

   It’s all about having fun… but selling a few paintings along the way will be great! Anyway… I will post on a weekly basis my progress. Hope you enjoy my postings and PLEASE make comments along the way! 

Hugs and Fun!