Friday, February 25, 2011

Pain and Oppression

“Pain and Oppression”

This piece is a piece of healing.
We all have inner “hauntings” if you will…
I realized that when something triggers one of my haunts , in my mind I curl up into the fetal position and feel like a six year old child again.
Does this ever happen to you?
I painted this as a way of cleansing and healing.
My hopes are that the viewer who relates to this sort of pain, can look upon this and know you are not alone. The things that cause us pain are not easy to look at; but once we face them, we can uncurl ourselves, stand straight up, and face the world with less fear and intimidation!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today, I was sharing some of my favorite links with a couple of my students and friends... and the thought hit me! I need to share them in my blog!
One of my first workshops I ever took was a Bob Burridge workshop called
Loosen Up Your painting with Loosey Juicy Acrylics ( or something to that effect!)  ... That is how my love affair with Acrylic Paints Started!
Anyhow... I love one of Bob's quotes ( and there are many!!  :)   Bob always says " There's a piece of the Pie for Everyone"  .... In other words - Share in your knowledge and discoveries! There's room for every artist!
   I originally wanted to hoard my discoveries, fearing that if I shared them then I wouldn't have the edge! HAHAHAHA!!!!! I don't have any edge other than the one God gave me! (My desire and passion to paint)
   I can share ALL my favorite materials and teachers/mentors and you know what, EVERY artist in the room will paint differently from the other! I agree with Bob! Let's share in our knowledge and our favorites! Let's feed our young and support them! .... and one more thing.... SHOOT me if I ever become one of those pretentious artists that becomes too big for my own britches!

So, here they are... my favorite links!


Great Paint, Great Price. I find it goes great with my Holbein paints!

Holbein Paints:
Love the Mat and Acryla Paints!


Wyanne is an amazing teacher who is great for my busy schedule! You communicate with Wyanne via internet. She sets you up with a lesson or two, and you send her images in this funky online class! I LOVE IT! It makes it so that in between going to large events that last a couple days and I travel for, I have my Wyanne! She has really helped me to take my art to the next level! I really didn't know what to make of the whole online thing, but for $65 I thought it was worth a shot! I'm definitely hooked!!



I don't paint without one of Bob's color wheels across from me!

Linda's work is beautiful! Definite difference from Bobs! Both are AMAZING teachers, and BOTH will be at the Holbein Event I'm going to in vermont in July (link below)!! Linda is sweet, and gentle, and soothing to the soul! I LOVE her!!! Bob, is wacky and crazy ( nothing soothing about Bob!) ... if you want to be set free and loosen up, Bob's crazy jokes, colors and fast pace is the way to go! I personally need a Bob and Linda fix when I go!
Linda Kemp:


JJJULy 26-30, 2011
Vermont Art Event - Holbein HK Trade Show (Tuesday-Saturday)
Williston, Vermont. For more information and a schedule, contact HK Holbein, (800) 682-6686.


Good canvas for a Great Price


Great Brushes for a great price!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking Up


Trees have always been an important part of my life…
I know this sounds funny, right!
However, they truly have been embedded in my heart since childhood!
As a child, I would play in the woods all the time!
We had a creek that we would trudge in with muck boots,
we’d look under rocks for salamanders …
it was our enchanted playground!
When my heart was troubled,
I would venture out into what I considered my own personal living room. 
It was a clearing where a tree had fallen down.
The tree became my “couch”. 
I would lay on it looking up through the trees to the sky.
 It was here I would come to know God.
I spoke with Him often in my living room…
It was years later, when I was away on a retreat. I found my heart troubled.
So, I ventured off by myself and found myself in a patch of woods.
A tree had fallen down, so I had a seat.
I looked up, and there was His face.
It was then that I realized the message God was sending me;
No matter where you are,
no matter where you go,
There He is… just waiting for you to open your eyes and see His face!

This past friday I had an Opening Exhibit at
Voila Gallery.
The night was magical!
I just wanted to share this picture with you...
These women are the sisters of my heart and soul...
gifts from God!
Thank you my friends for always being there
 to support me and my art! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"She Sings in Riddles"

"She Sings in Riddles"

This painting was inspired by a song I listen to by my favorite band "Third Day".  The lyrics of the song are coming from the birds mouth.

"She sings in riddles, she sings in rhymes, saying everything and nothing, at the same time. Still there's something, that blows my mind... she sings in riddles, she sings in rhymes"

This song speaks to my soul! We all come from such diverse backgrounds. Different cultures, religions, skin color, different languages...
We can choose to look at the differences between us and allow them to divide us.
We can choose to see the beauty in one another! We sometimes don't understand one another, and sometimes don't even agree with each other. However, we were all created by the same creator, created with love and careful planning.
So, when I painted this painting... I painted it in the hopes that when the viewer looked at it, it would create a feeling of Joy, Peace, and wonder. You have to step into the painting to see what is coming from her mouth. Then, the beautiful lyrics... and then finally the journey begins for the viewer... left to wonder what the lyrics mean to you!
To listen to "She Sings in Riddles"
click here: