Monday, May 16, 2011

This week, I thought I would try posting a Video Blog of sorts! It's simply an introduction into my studio! I hope you enjoy it... it's my first attempt at making a video!
I will most likely be back next week with some new paintings!


  1. Oh Kim, you are so brave! I LOVE your first video blog! It's fabulous! What a treat to share not only in your latest painting, but also to visit your studio! Delightful and ohso charming! Your video made me want to cover over and talk paints! :0) I can't wait to watch your progress with this painting! It's already stunning! :0) xxx

  2. Thanks Christine! Are you taking any of Wyanne's classes right now?

  3. Hi Kim, YES! I'm taking the Commercial workshop right now and loving it! SO much information and it really pushes you (quickly) to that next level! I miss having you in class though! We had an amazing group in our Paint Free class didn't we!

    I just love the direction your painting is taking you Kim and I REALLY enjoyed your vids! :0))))))))

    I look forward to following your journey! You are inspiring in many ways and I love what you paint! :0)))))))))

    Have a happy painting week Kim! xxx

  4. More students of UoW! Fantastic video blog! you will LOVE TLCreative! I adore your birds. I am a tree lover as well, I am interested to see your hurricane trees! Congrats on this, your first video blog. I hope to see many more! Keep them coming!

  5. Thanks Jess! What class of Wyanne's have you taken?

  6. Hi Kim, I really enjoyed your video's very enlightening and interesting..enjoy your TL creative course with Wyanne; I did it twice :) Just loved it...