Friday, December 16, 2011

"Finding A Home" The Story

The Story


 Recently I received the most wonderful email from a woman who had seen my work in a gallery!

Hi Kim,

I was walking by 5 Main in Wickford today and I must say your painting sung to my spirit from the window, I didn't go in... Then when I got home, I was still thinking of it. I found out that you were the artist from their Facebook page 
which led me to your website ( )...
When I found out the paintings name, I felt an even greater connection to it. I wanted you to know your work touched me....thank you. 

   As you can imagine, MY heart began to sing at the thought that one of my paintings touched someone so deeply! What a blessing! I wrote Jess back immediately thanking her for writing. I told her that the main reason I paint (besides keeping myself sane) is to spread peace, love and joy!

   The next email I received is the reason for this blog:

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to let you know that the painting found it’s a home with me... I am actually giving it as a holiday present. I was wondering if you would write a short note about the painting...  I don't know if this is something you would do but I feel very connected to the piece and would love more insight behind it, especially its name.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks again for being so responsive to my earlier emails!

   So Jess, here’s the story of “FINDING A HOME”

 You’ve probably noticed by now that I pretty much paint Trees and Birds. Sure there are the other occasional things that inspire me… But Trees and Birds are what bring me peace and joy.

   As a child, when life got tumultuous, I would run into the woods. There was a special place in the woods for me. It was a clearing… and in that clearing a tree had fallen down, making a perfect “couch” for me to sit on. It was there that I came to know God. I spent hours on my “couch” looking up at the trees talking to God. … It wouldn’t be until my early 40’s that I would come to realize something very special.

   I was away at a retreat. I began to feel overwhelmed, and decided to go for a walk. I crossed the field and found myself heading into the woods. Wouldn’t you know, I found a clearing where a tree had fallen down… I took a seat. Looking up at such a familiar site, I realized something that would change my life. Looking up at those trees represented to me the face of God! I was completely humbled and overcome with joy. I realized that no matter where I was, in life or on this planet, God was always there with me, never changing, consistently there and always loving me!

   It would take me years before I had the courage to paint a tree.

                                             “LOOKING UP”

   After painting “Looking Up”, I haven’t stopped painting trees. Trees for me represent home… safety, love, nurturing, protection, a place to find peace.

   So now you understand why I paint trees! SOOOO…. Where do the birds come in?!

                                 “FREE BIRD”

   For whatever reason, I have always loved and admired birds. Their freedom to float about and be singing at all times! The way they nurture and care for their young! The simplicity of love and life!


   When I started painting, I painted nothing but birds! My Grandmother (who is one of my best friends) would say “What’s with the birds?” LOL!  I just couldn’t help myself! I connected to their pure beauty, I longed for it! I began to think of birds as people as I painted them. Some of the birds were selfportraits, but most were just my way of telling a story!

                                                     “CHAINED TO THE WORLD”

So, now you understand the depth of the trees and the birds!
So what’s the story behind “FINDING A HOME”?

This canvas started at a class I took up in Boston. I went to the class because some friends invited me. The class really wasn’t my cup of tea, but my theory is that the more I can learn from other artists, the better my art will be! At any rate, this painting on this canvas was atrocious! I don’t throw anything out, so I threw some newspaper on the wet paint so I wouldn’t get paint in the car. I planned to take the paper off as soon as I got home, but of course I forgot… I forgot about this canvas for months! When I finally found it, I tried to peel the paper off. There were some places the paper was NOT going to come off! Being an experimental/ mixed media painter… I thought… FUN! What can I make this into! So, I gazed upon it for a while and began to see the tree! It would be a tree of people! The newspaper photo was a crowd of people that looked just like the trunk of a tree! So I began to do some negative painting and this is the painting that came to life! The group of birds are looking for a safe home where they can all live and do life together. They would recognize this tree as being just like them! Seeing this, they knew this was where God intended them to call home! …….AND… THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER! J

So Jess… there’s your story! Hope it wasn’t too long for you!
Hugs and Happiness!


  1. Oh Kim! This is profoundly BEAUTIFUL! I of course am a big fan of trees! In fact they are my #1 love...for painting anyway... But yours are just what your heart portrays...color, light & beauty.
    I hope you feel in some way that you have found a safe home with your artist friends who LOVE you in NK RI!!
    Both YOU and your work inspire and encourage others...and maybe even bring some of the healing you have found to the earth..

  2. Perhaps you really would like Portland:

    That's based on this real life place that used to have a bird on every product:

  3. Thanks Sarah!
    I DO love my friends at Wickford Art Association! "Doing Life Together"!
    Thanks for the beautiful words and encouragement!

  4. Hey Greg! Yes... I DO like to put a bird on it! LOL!!!

  5. I love that story. How special to have someone connect with your nice. Julie

  6. Fabulous painting and story Kim! Very moving and I appreciate your sharing it with the rest of us as well. Gorgeous! Hugs xxx

  7. Thanks Christine!
    Love and Hugs to you!

  8. Hi Julie,
    It made MY heart sing to have someone so passionate about my work! You only got a piece of the story too!