Monday, May 2, 2011


Have you ever had a mental block in your artwork? You know… you think you’re on track, but nothing is coming out of you. … You know the song “Hello It’s Me”, well... Hello, it’s me! Mentally blocked and challenged!

After working six intense months of producing the Fine Arts Showcase for the RIBA Home Show, and making all the artwork to go into my booth … I have crashed! I’m slow to realize this too! The show ended on April 3rd, that was an entire month ago!

I’m normally the kind of artist that produces about 4-6 good paintings in a month. My schedule usually allows me to paint 4-5 days a week.  However, I am constantly thinking about my artwork and where I want to take it next.

So, to have no work and little inspiring thoughts for a month is , well… depressing!

As mentioned in my previous blog, I have sketched out a few birds, and worked on some color studies in colored pencil and watercolors. This was a fun project because I could take my sketch book and small case of pencils or watercolors and work anywhere! No wonder so many people like painting with watercolors!

Then, I painted on a small panel and worked on focusing on my background. Here’s a shot of what I have so far. I must say, I have a difficult time working on small pieces. That means small brushes, and carefully calculated little strokes. It’s a pain in the “bleep” to work like this! I like to be able to play with different mediums and textures, lots of paint, and big brushes!

So, to conclude last weeks “homework” that I gave to myself…
1. It was good to restudy the anatomy of birds and give them a second look.
2. It was fun to do some color studies of birds, but I don’t believe I gained anything to put in my toolbox of knowledge here.
3. Even though the economy is bad, and people are buying mostly artwork that sells for $100 or less… I DO NOT LIKE PAINTING SMALL!
4. I need to lighten up! My number one rule in life /art is simply to “Have Fun”… or why bother!

This weeks “homework” assignment to myself:
ReRead “Art and Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland
Make “ME” a priority this week!
Start a series of paintings from “Hurricane Tree”

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! See you next week!


  1. I think the key would be to stop "thinking" so much and just start playing with that paint! Don't paint small if you don't want to. People are still buying large works of art! It's all about your energy in the painting! You know that! Paint what makes you happy and everyone will want your art. Love you girl!

  2. Thanks Wyanne! Just in a funk! Love you back! Miss you!!! Hugs!