Monday, January 31, 2011

"Rooted in Love"


I loved creating this painting! It is 20 x 60 ... almost as tall as me! Large paintings are my favorite to create because there is so much room to play on! The heart is a puffy 3 dimensional heart, and each leaf on the tree took 8 different procedures to create... I am talking serious fun!
Anyway... this painting was inspired by a life experience.
My niece, Daniel Sacks, is quite an amazing actress and singer... but she also writes songs. She had written a song called "Inspired" for our good friend Dr. Ala Bashir.  To know Ala Bashir is truly a blessing! He is the warmest, wisest, and most inspiring person I have ever had the honor to know and love. Well, Danielle felt the same way.... so she wrote him a song. She was away at school, so she had to skype Ala to sing it to him. So, we all gathered around the computer screen and watched Danielle and her friend perform "Inspired" .  As we watched with tears of joy in our eyes, an image came to me. It was the image of "Rooted in Love".
I imagined a seed planted in my/our hearts. From it came a beautiful tree that would bring shelter, beauty, and fresh clean air to breathe.
So today, when you look out at the trees surrounding your life, image it coming from your heart. What would it's branches be extending out to the world? Would it be love, kindness, and patience??? What you choose to extend  and inspire in life is your choice... so what will you choose today?
Me at Voila Gallery

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