Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Life is a Van Gogh Sky!

My life is a Van Gogh Sky! You know the sky in "Starry Night"? All swirly and colorful... well, that's my life right now! Life is CHAOS! You know the term. "Don't bite off more than you can chew?" ... Well, if that statement were literal, I'd be choking!
   I am currently coordinating the first ever Fine Arts Area in the RI Home Show. I have been assigned 76 booths to fill with talented fine artists... I have also been Co-Chairing the Educational Committee for the Wickford Art Association... I also teach a Mixed Media Class on Fridays ... I have recently been invited to exhibit at Voila Gallery in Wickford, RI.... and I take an online class with Wyanne on commercial marketing... PLUS, I live in RI, we have recently had about 40 inches of snow from multiple snow storms, so that means ALOT OF SHOVELING!!!! YIKES! Where is there time to paint?!

Ahhhhh.... PAINTING! The real subject of this blog!

I feel I need to give a little background before I start this blog. I've always been an artist. As far back as Junior High School I can remember thinking "When I grow up, I want to be a Mom and an Artist!" Well, that is my blessed life today!  I dabbled for years with all different mediums; clay, stone, and then finally paint. I started painting  on canvas only about 7 years ago. I was painting so fast and furiously that the paintings started piling up. I was quickly running out of paint... So, I started selling my work to support my addiction, which is paint and all the lovely mediums that go along with them!
Painting for me is a necessity, it's how I keep my sanity!

   This Blog is going to journal my paintings as they come to life. I will be telling the story behind each creation. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and learning about the paintings as they are created!

   So, I guess that concludes today's blog! I hope everyone has a Fun and Creative Day! See you in the next blog!

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  1. Hurray for you Kim! Congratulations on taking the plunge into blogland! You'll find there is a very beautiful community out there to share the journey with. I look forward to hearing from you and from your studio, all teh best with your "starry Night' life ;)

    X Donna - TLC class

  2. Loved hearing your heart Kim! So proud of all your accomplishments! Thank you for sending me the card the other proudly sits alongside my favorite things on my art desk! =]

  3. I love your blog I get to see more of your beautiful work!

  4. Hey Donna!
    I miss you in my class! How's things going with you?? AND.... Thanks for making me feel so special... a place with your favorite things! REALLY???
    I am truly honored!
    Looking forward to reading your blog now that I am a "Follower"!
    Hugs and love,

  5. Thanks Carolyn! I am looking forward to blogging more! It is a hoot!
    I tried to check out your blog, but I couldn't manage to find the tab... am I over-tired??

  6. Hey there Donna Heart!
    I'm SOOO glad to be in Blogland with you! Thanks for your encouraging words!
    Hugs and Love,

  7. Wow Kim, you do sound busy! But who wouldn't want a life like Van Gogh's wonderful sky? Thanks for visiting my blog. The photo of the blackbird is one of very few on my blog which I Haven't taken myself, though I did credit it at the bottom. I'm sure you can use it as inspiration, but it's your call not mine. Looking forward to seeing the art you create here.

  8. Thanks Louise! I'm working on 3 different paintings right now... Looking forward to posting them soon!
    Thanks again for that beautiful and inspirational black bird!
    Happy Creating!