Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 9 - Commissions and Thinking Green

This week was a great week! 
Filled with friends and just enough time in the studio to feel somewhat productive!

The first project to start this week was a commissioned painting. I only had two days to work on the piece, but I am about half way done, and there is no deadline. 
Here is the progression so far:

As you can see, I love my layers and LOVE to drip on off my edges! 
This is a family portrait ( Kim Ellery style!). 
Mom, Dad, My friend Melissa (note the hot pink... Melissa has blonde and hot pink hair!),
 two brothers, and then the baby sister who is into acting and I HAD to make her sing! 
This was two short days in the studio.

Today I woke up and realized "YIKES!... I am painting live tomorrow AND need to pick out a few paintings to exhibit! .... My commissioned piece was going to have to wait a few more days. 

 I wanted to bring along two paintings in progress to paint on at Opening at Hairspray Gallery.
 I already have one that is driving me crazy... So I added a few more layers to it today and put a thin coat of acrylic medium on it.

Next, I started the very first layer on a sparkling clean white canvas! 30x30x2.5! 
YAY! One of my favorite things to do!!! 
I think it kind of looks like a peacock so far! ... 
Check out the mess I work with! 
I am NOT a clean artist... but I DO know where to find everything!

Lastly, I wanted to prepare some watercolor paper to collage with. So I got out my used paper towels and used fabric sheets...Added a bit of water to some acrylic medium and applied the listed items above to a full sheet of water color paper.

So if anyone is free tomorrow from 7-9... I'll be painting live at 
Hairspray Salon/ Gallery
259 Wickenden St 
Providence, RI
(401) 273-9210

Until next week! Happy Spring and Happy Creating!!!

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